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Prologue: "New Borders"

Episode 01

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Captain Thomas Lowell let his view wander around his bridge. The operation would begin in mere seconds. The cramped confines of the control room were bathed in dull sunlight and shade from the slowly rolling asteroids around the cruiser. There was also the ever present dust that seemed to work its way from the cargo hold. The smell of it mixed with that of perspiration and grease to remind him why exactly they were out here taking the product of others' labor. He shrugged inwardly. They were being paid well enough, and it sure beat starving.

"15 seconds till contact, Skip."

"Assets are in place?"

"Jorg, Phillips, and Vic are in position."

"Excellent, Rachel." Thomas keyed his command repeater, bringing up Rachel's composite read of sensors and comm. The three groups of variable fighters the <i>Bonney</i> carried were spread out. A fourth sensor contact, that of the incoming Obsidian drone patrol, blinked a neutral yellow.

"Take 'em, boys."

All four plots merged as the furball began. The drone contact disintegrated into six smaller contacts. They were only second generation models, barely better than the abysmally ineffective ones used during Space War I. It wasn't as if the crew were using modern fighters either. A pair of VF-11s were the best they could muster. One of the yellow contacts winked out.

"Rachel, time on upload."

"1 minute. Phillips needs to hold his laser comm steady."

Thomas scowled, switching to his second squad leader. "Matt, wanna keep it level for a moment?"

"Sure, boss, just ask that drone to stop firing at me."

"Get it done, smartass."

"20 seconds till upload complete."

Two more drones exploded.

"Upload complete."

Suddenly the three remaining drones disengaged the pirate VFs. One crashed into an asteroid before it could complete is new programming rewrite. The other two circled back to the <i>Bonney</i>.

"Got two boss."

Thomas sat back in his chair, scratching the back of his neck idly. "Good job, people. Everyone RTB. Rachel, what do we have today?"

Rachel smiled as she turned in her seat to face her boss. "Coordinates. To the main drone facility."

"Sweet mother of... finally!" Thomas grinned fiercely. "People, we've got some Obbie drone jocks to go nab. Helm, get us there yesterday."

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