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Family Breakfast- Tommy & Joanna

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Soft piano music drifted across the quiet residential neighborhood, coming from a quant townhouse. In the living room of the house a slim yet finely toned Tommy sat at his piano bench lost in the music. His hands danced effortless across the ivory keys; filling the house with gentle classical music.

In the kitchen Joanna was swaying to the music as she cooked breakfast. Even dressed in her jogging suit she was a beautiful young woman…but for the cigarette tucked behind her left ear. A quick flick of the wrist and the omelet she was working on artfully sailed into the air, coming to rest on a fresh plate. A couple of pieces of bacon, some toast, and fresh cup of coffee quickly came together to complete the meal.

“Breakfast is ready sweetheart.” She called into the living room as she set the meals on the table

From the living room the music seemed to come to its natural conclusion as Tommy wrapped up and headed to the kitchen.

“Thank you bubbles.” Tommy leaned down and kissed his wife on the forehead and he sat.

Joanna blushed and quickly stuffed a rasher of bacon in mouth.

“So the conference starts today.” Tommy paused to enjoy a mouthful his omelet, “I was thinking of heading down and trying to get myself on an operational unit.”

“Are you ready for that? It’s a big step.” Joanna’s voice was soft yet held an edge of worry.

“I think so. I’ve been hitting the simulator hard for a while now. I am a fair pilot in the 171. It’s much easier to pilot than the old 17’s.”


“Plus not everything will revolve around piloting and we both know those skills are just as good as they’ve ever been.”

“If you’re sure you’re ready try and get a job with the Damask Rose. We’d be able to be together.”

“Being with you is why I’m going back to soldiering Jo.”

Smiling at his wife Tommy winked his non-robotic eye and dug into his breakfast.

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