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A General Proposal

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Cutting something that was discussed a long time ago on the GM board and pasting this here.  This is a general proposal, but, as stated below, its up to the board owners what will go on directly with this site.  If Hellfire and Illusion say no, then its a no and I back them fully on it.


Without any more ado:


"The game is dead.  I have no interest in continuing Macross Horizons as any sort of game.  I do, however, still have story to tell.  Writing that I want to do.  Talking with people I know there is story they want to tell too.  The players that have stuck with us this long deserve to tell their characters' stories fully. 


What I have in mind is converting the boards from a game into a collabrative fan fiction, for loss of a better term.  The precendant I am running with is Hellfire's Mercurial board on the old AMRN.  I think common stories running in parallel but free to let individual characters be the focus would be an excellent idea."


Parallel in this case meaning at the same time on the board, not necessarily in game timeline.  You want to write in 2051, 2060, 2070, etc, feel free.  You want to write in 2020, that's fine by me too.  I'm still going to run with a few threads of story I want to finish up with my character, but no one should be beholden to the old timelines or old characters.  Let them exist, do your own thing, but try not to conflict.


"Obviously, some roles will change and others will stay the same.  Carver should remain board admin.  Players will turn into authors with direct control of their character(s).  If they wish to cross over with each other they can ask each other to do so.  CD and I should remain as GMs and story line arbiters in case of descrepency.  In a sense, our responsibility will turn into making sure their are no plot conflicts between individual efforts.  Think of it like a proofreader/editor position.  We should also be there to help provide foundational support for stories.  Hooks to get people writing, if they need it.  I am going to insist on having final say on world building/altering issues.  This isn't a GM enforcing rules so much as a head writer giving direction."


Eh, more like a general guideline.  For the most part, do your own thing, write a Macross story.  Just make sure its a Macross story.  My intention is not to dictate anything, but to be a voice of doubt when it comes to "does this make sense with the other stories going on?"  Intend to be hands off with this, as everyone remaining here and on Facebook I trust fairly implicitly.  I don't think anyone is going to abuse this type of power.  That being said, someone drops the "rocks fall, everyone dies" card and I'll retcon that in a heartbeat.  Unless its a dream sequence or an alternate dimension or something. 






"Also, this is entirely at the discretion of Hellfire and Illusion, since they are the site owners.  This is only a proposal of mine.  If either of you do not like the idea, it is scrapped with no complaint.  I've joked in the past about turning this into the "Eric Lewellyn Show" but I'm not so vain as to actually do so.  I will admit that I am being selfish in that I want to put to type the ideas I've had for well over the life of the boards.  However, I am not arbitrarily going to do so."


Yeah, my writing is going to focus on my character.  I'm going to respect the inviolability of other characters, unless, of course, its a colab work with another writer.  Reiterating, I am not the owner/controller of this board and if at such time Hellfire or Illusion don't approve or want to steer this in another direction I will support them.  I don't think like I'm asking much here, and I think everyone might like a place to write about Macross.  Essentially everyone will be empowered to the level of GM or alt-GM, and people can take the lead when they want, or fall back and respond to other "leaders."


I dunno, what do people think?



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Hellfire and I have no objections. I would like to mention that the boards are already set up with a "Contributed Writing" area that you could rename to "Stories" or whatever you want, and then you could leave the "Games" area for people who still want to run games (I'm getting the impression from Facebook that there is one game in the works).


I am not well-versed in this software so I don't know if there's something you would need to do to make the story area easier to use for collaborative stories rather than games? I imagine Carver would know.


If you decide to use the "Contributed Writing" area, please just leave the "Mercurial" board alone in case Hellfire ever decides to use it ;P

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