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Contract Complete

Episode 02

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The Obsidian government representative had been more than happy when the Damask Rose had pulled in to orbit with the Bonney in tow.  Happiness had turned to pure delight when Alexi had given him the manifest, which in addition to the plundered mining resources also included two thirds of Obsidian's missing drone forces.  Said drones were now undergoing refit and upgrade to CCS' modernized command and control system, making them more efficient and less susceptible to electronic override as this incident had demonstrated.  Already negotiations were underway for CCS to provide an on planet training team for the OPF and Obsidian Militia, refining their combat tactics to deal with the new breed of pirates.


Speaking of the pirates, Thomas Lowell and his crew had initially been taken into custody.  Though reportedly they hadn't been treated harshly, they had been crucified in the court of public opinion upon CCS' return.  The data dump Tiff and Nick had interrupted provided much needed documentation of Jet's involvement with the pirate activity.  It also indicated Lowell's crew relationship with the who endeavor.  Hired on merely to steal drones and mining supplies, their privateering commission had indicated to keep civilian casualties to a minimum.  Midway through this action someone in the Jet government had decided a shooting war would be good for business.  A different digital signature had recalled Lowell and the Bonney in order to put Rolf and his crew of marines on board.  Only then had the killings started.  There were even orders to kill Thomas and take the ship if he had proved too difficult to manipulate.  CCS provided legal council for the former pirate captain and was able to use such mitigating circumstances to convince the Obsidian court to transfer Lowell and his entire crew to CCS custody for 'indefinite detainment.'  The Obbies were just happy to be rid of them.  Once safely out of the system Lowell and the rest of the former pirates were scooped up by CCS HR, given contracts, and put to work with CCS' logistical branch, with the mecha pilots folded into their own combat team.


The Bonney herself was a great prize.  As useful for hauling Obsidian's ore deposits as she was at stealing them, the Obsiidan government paid CCS and fantastically large salvage and refit bonus for turning her over.  Seeing as an ore scow didn't really fit into CCS' organization, the top brass were just as willing to sell her.  Patched up and given a fresh coat of paint, she now started taking bulk shipments out to the other colonies.


Captain Peleus was forced into a more administrative position with the OPF over the incident.  Investigations discovered he had had a brother at one of the mines Rolf's forces had raided.  The man had been executed for standing up for his fellow miners, and when news of the DR cornering the Bonney had reached his desk Peleus had used his influence with several like minded officers to head out on a mission of vengeance.  His actions had not been sanctioned by his superiors or his government.  However, his patriotism and motives were clear, and rather than waste someone of his caliber Obisidian had put him to use elsewhere.  Meanwhile, the Obsidian and Jetite governments had been at each others throats over the incident.  Lowell's contact had been disavowed by the Jetites and had been remanded to police custody.  There he had disappeared within the legal system.  The Jetites had maintained that this was an individual acting on his own and beyond the scope of his office.  An independent NUNS investigation could not uncover any evidence linking the privateer action to any sitting member of the Jet government and had concluded the situation as resolved.  With Obsidian's new drone defenses there was little Jet could do to interfere with them in the short term without involving a full strength NUNS peace keeping force.  The two would just have to fight it out on the battlefield of the ore market.


The Damask Rose and her combat team shipped out a week later for a three week rest and refit stint back at CCS HQ.  No doubt they wouldn't stay idle for long, as news of their actions had brought new requests for contract to CCS' representatives.

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