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The Helios Files

Short Stories 02 Apr 2018
Note: Been meaning to do something like this for ages. Seeing as im gonna be reusing some material from the old game for a tabletop im running i figure its as good as an excuse as any. I'll follow up with more as i write it (primarily a timeline). If anything i put in this thread doesnt line up w...
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Shades of Possibility

In-character 01 Jan 2018
This is not the end, Eric Lewellyn   Eric heaved a sigh internally.  It was dark.  The stars were gone.  Helios was gone.  The cockpit was gone.  There was nothing, absolute void, as far as he could perceive.  He felt a deep exhaustion.  Feeling… how could...
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A General Proposal

Open Discussion 17 Oct 2016
Cutting something that was discussed a long time ago on the GM board and pasting this here.  This is a general proposal, but, as stated below, its up to the board owners what will go on directly with this site.  If Hellfire and Illusion say no, then its a no and I back them fully on it....
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Happy Independence Day!! =)

Open Discussion 04 Jul 2016
To those who celebrate, Happy 240th!! =)
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Non est finis

In-character 09 May 2016
November 1st, 2066 Near-orbit, Planet Helios     Where had it all gone wrong?   Eric’s mind came back to that thought.  He sat in space, his body as broken as the variable fighter around him.  The shell of a battloid rotated ever so slowly in its languid fall towards Heli...
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