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Template Variables Help

When you edit content in IP.Content, whether it be blocks, templates or pages, there are many built in tags that you will need to or want to utilize in order to generate the content appropriately. Blocks have variables containing data that may be of use to your users. Page templates have variables that perform important functions, such as inserting the page title or marking where the page content should be displayed. It is nearly impossible to simply remember every variable that can be utilized in your pages and templates.

IP.Content features a template tag help panel that you can use to alleviate this problem. The panel can be minimized if you don't need it (and your preference is remembered so you won't have to minimize it each time you load a new template to edit). The panel is tabbed, providing you with various tag options based on the specific content you are editing. Database templates will show you the database tags you will need to use, while blocks will show you the variables being passed into the block template. You are able navigate some of the tabs when necessary in order to better determine the appropriate variables for the specific area you are editing.

A small icon is shown next to each tag, and clicking this icon will insert it into your templates automatically wherever the cursor is blinking. You need not manually copy and paste the tag - simply click to insert!

Some tags will have additional information or perhaps a relevant example of the data it represents. These tags will have an arrow indicator next to them to let you know that you can click on the arrow to view further details about that specific tag.

This panel is always available and dynamically adjusts to the type of content you are editing. It is but one small feature available in IP.Content designed to help you build your site the way you want, as efficiently as possible.


Oh, I like the way the old site handled text, the qoteus were already italicized.I cut and paste political news stories and I sometimes save Maha's stories. It was so quick to save with the qoteus already italicized. Please don't convert Maha's site into one like I describe below:One by one my favorite blogs have been updating' a perfectly good design for no reason and they all, every one, have switched to a font that doesn't even have an italics version. So none of their qoteus are italicized and I can't just italicize them, I have to select the text and then change the font and then italicize it. So what used to be a great website turned into an irritating website.Please use a font that has an italics version and please italicize qoteus. Thank you.
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I was really need these tmtalpees its amazing to find that it is all free you have helped me a lot thank you and please keep it always like that
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I forgot to metonin one really important tool I use Jott Assistant.Jott is a call-in service (automated) that asks me who I want to Jott . I can say, me , or the name of anyone else in my address list. I then speak the message (enunciating properly). I can get reminders if I want. Jott then sends the message to me (or whoever I Jotted) through my (or their) email address.So, if I am talking to a client when it is impossible (or very inconvenient) to jot it down, I call Jott and it does it for me. I have it set up under speed dial and it is the first record in my phone's address book.It saves me time and the experience of having forgotten an appointment.
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Wow, this looks pretty cool. A nice temaplte for blogger.com users. I will recommend it to my friends since I use WordPress .-= Shiva | Web Magazine s last blog ..PremiumPress – Couponpress- DirectoryPress and Other Themes Discount Coupon Code =-.
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Good on ya, Dan. As long as there are no windy-twisty-flashy ads thereupon, I'm with you. I'm keen for un-spun info. I've been wtichang oilies on the AIM for 3 months, invested back in Oct '10 (in AND out of Des in time for a small profit) EO first, then XEL and RRL. Knowledge is power but I NOW know the game is is skewed and PI's are more akin to Prey than Private. I see your site as an attempt at redress. So thanx and keep on keeping on! Ms P
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I feel so much happier now I unearstdnd all this. Thanks!
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